I have a question for any lawyers out there. Back in 1998 Microsoft abused monopoly power with its web browser platform.
This decision led to them having to build browser choice into the set up of the system thus beginning the end to the dominance of Internet explorer.

Fast forward to now and Apples release of IOS 6. Gone are Google maps in its place is the far inferior product Apple maps, no choice for the customer in any way shape or from.

Can someone explain why the former is exploitation of a monopoly position and why the latter isn’t.

Basically how come Apple get to dictate and have a walled garden but Microsoft were not able to, what’s changed?

N.B.  And before you all tell me there are other mapping options, and that Google could put out an app, its the deep level of integration that worked so well with the app, this will always be the domain of Apple maps (imaps or whatever its called).